Bruce Lindell

Recently March (2016) we had an “uninvited guest” that was apparently thirsty and ate a hole in the refrigerator ice maker line!  The damage was surreal! We contacted area cabinet stores for estimates on either repairing or replacing the cabinets.  One of the contractors that was working at our house who was replacing the wood flooring in the kitchen with tile, recommended that I contact Ronnie Ward of Cabinet Mart.  Am I glad that I took the contractors advice as I believe that if another contractor is willing to make a personal recommendation with such admiration and respect for Ronnie then I would be foolish not to listen to him and make the call.

Ronnie was quick to return my phone call and make an appointment to come to our home and evaluate the work needed and make any necessary recommendations that we question him about. What really impressed my wife and myself was that Mr. Ward suggested that instead of replacing all of the cabinets it would be more cost effective to have the cabinets repaired where necessary and have the existing cabinets repainted. That convinced both my wife and myself to hire Ronnie to do the work that we needed completed.  If Ronnie was willing to loose potentially a bigger paying job for smaller paying job, then without question this is the company we wanted to do our work for us!

Ronnie Ward did an outstanding job with the existing cabinets that needed repair work as well as adding some additional cabinets that my wife had requested.

I would not hesitate to contact Cabinet Mart (Ronnie Ward- Owner) for any work that you would like to have completed in your home or your business.

Thanks Ronnie, fantastic work!!